Industrial Mountaineering

WEES Solutions

Dispensing the use of scaffolding, the industrial mountaineering technique is an exclusive and differential service that provides the professional with greater agility and mobility in services performed in vertical areas or inclined planes.

The professionals are qualified by the IRATA bodies, trained and specialized to work in great heights, confined spaces or areas of difficult access. In addition to the supervision of N3 professionals, Safety Technicians and Engineers.


  • Services of mapping of activities risk analysis and assembly of emergency plan with drone;
  • Cleaning and inspection of cement silo, storage tanks and chimneys;
  • Cleaning and washing of industrial equipment;
  • Rescue service (confined space and work at height);
  • Boiler services (ABRAMAM professionals);
  • Welding service;
  • Insulation service;
  • Surface treatment and painting service;
  • Inspection service of equipment (visual and dimensional inspection);
  • Service of non-destructible tests (penetrating liquid, magnetic particle, ultrasound, thickness measurement, visual welding);
  • Advice and consultancy for works at height - we hold closed lectures and courses.