Real Estate Mountaineering

WEES Solutions

WEES extends its activities to other segments by adding and transmitting its know-how in the use of the mountaineering technique in the Industrial segment to the precise Engineering, thus forming, with the highest quality standard, a company that is born expert in Mountaineering Services Predial and Industrial, directed to the areas of industrial assembly and civil construction.


  • Services of mapping of activities risk analysis and assembly of emergency plan with drone;
  • Cleaning and inspection of cement silo, storage tanks and chimneys;
  • Cleaning and washing of industrial equipment;
  • Rescue service (confined space and work at height);
  • Boiler services (ABRAMAM professionals);
  • Welding service;
  • Insulation service;
  • Surface treatment and painting service;
  • Inspection service of equipment (visual and dimensional inspection);
  • Service of non-destructible tests (penetrating liquid, magnetic particle, ultrasound, thickness measurement, visual welding);
  • Advice and consultancy for works at height - we hold closed lectures and courses.